Save Hours of Time: Design Powerful Virtual Keyboards

YOU can design your own astonishing on-screen keyboards for use with your favorite Windows applications.
In a snap!

Touch screens are getting more and more common, but the software written for touch screens is different from the software written for conventional computers. Wouldn't it be nice if there were some way to write programs that worked on both systems?

How many times have you written a great application for one client, knowing it would be perfect for all of your clients, if only they all had the same hardware? Now, you can save time and money with the MountFocus Keyboard Designer v.3.2, and make any application you write touch-screen compatible, without wasting hours of your time rewriting code.

Download your own 30-day trial version NOW and see how easy it is to make virtually any application available when a physical keyboard is either not available or not desired.

Take the tutorial, copy keys from the pool... you'll have your own custom made keyboard by lunchtime.

The MountFocus Keyboard Designer v.3.2 gives you unsurpassed flexibility in both visual and functional design. Multiple lines of caption (text and/or graphics), background color and/or graphics, multiple keystrokes from one key, page controls for context sensitive keyboards etc. It's simply amazing!

And it gets better you can integrate your own systems with the MountFocus Keyboard Designer using OLE. This allows your applications to change the keyboard layout at runtime by switching pages.

It's so simple!

And, of course, you (and your customers) can use the FULLY FEATURED trial version for 30 days - absolutely FREE.

Buy here now. Get the license key 24 hours a day via our secure server, and you can use the power of the MountFocus Keyboard Designer for an unlimited time. Several pricing options are available, tailored to your needs.
5 FREE runtime licenses are included in the price of the Designer!