Powerful Virtual Keyboard at Your Finger Tips

Any touch-screen can be turned into a virtual keyboard with custom designed keyboards or standard layouts.

Touch-screens eliminate the need for keyboards, but what happens when you need to "get at" the programs running on your touch-screen system, either to change something or fix a problem? If you have custom made programs, your programmer may have difficulty accessing those programs without a physical keyboard, wasting valuable time.

You can't afford hours of down time when your customers need to use your touch screen system. Save time, money and frustration by gaining easy access to all the programs running on your touch screen system.

How can you run Windows programs on your touch screen system without a keyboard? With the MountFocus Keyboard v.3.2, you can!

Download your own 30-day trial version NOW and see how easy it is to make virtually any application available when a physical keyboard is either not available or not desired.

It's so simple!

And, of course, you can use the FULLY FEATURED trial version for 30 days - absolutely FREE.

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